Central Office Administrator Searches

The McPherson & Jacobson Difference

“It’s About the Kids”

WE BELIEVE every student is entitled to a high quality education. We strongly believe quality education is dependent upon quality leadership.

OUR MISSION is to ensure your search results in quality leadership for education excellence.

McPherson & Jacobson L.L.C. can assist your district in identifying highly qualified individuals for your Central Office Administrator/Principal positions.

Working with district representatives, McPherson & Jacobson consultants will:

  • Establish appropriate timelines
  • Identify the characteristics of the successful candidate
  • Meet with stakeholders to obtain their input into the selection
  • Develop a schedule for interviewing the final candidates

The district can choose from any of the following services:

Preliminary Search Activities

  • Identify the most important characteristics of the new administrator.
  • Establish appropriate timelines.
  • Meet with stakeholder groups.

Advertise Vacancy

  • Determine advertising venues.
  • Advertise vacancy and develop promotional materials.

Recruit Applicants

  • Actively recruit applicants.
  • Send out, receive, and catalog all applicant materials.
  • Keep all applicants informed of their status in the selection process.

Screen Applicants

  • Evaluate each applicant against the selection criteria.
  • Conduct reference checks.
  • Assist the selection committee in selecting final candidates to be interviewed.

Coordinate Interview

  • Coordinate interview and visitation procedures.
  • Keep all candidates informed of their status in the selection process.


  • Establish performance objectives for the new administrator.
  • Provide a guarantee.

Additional Services

  • Conduct criminal background checks
  • Screen applicants using a research developed screening process that helps predict the candidate’s success

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