Dr. Diana Julian


Dr. Julian joined McPherson & Jacobson, L.L.C. in 2011. Currently she is an Associate Professor for Educational Leadership at Harding University.

Dr. Julian is a well-known educator in Arkansas and beyond. Her role as Superintendent of Schools in Benton, Arkansas and in Bryant, Arkansas, two of the larger districts in Arkansas, brought much attention to her as an educator. She was the first female Superintendent in both of those districts and was the first female ever selected by her peers as “Superintendent of the Year” in 2006. She has forged the way for many females in the field of education.

She brought those same skills of integrity and values to her job as Deputy Commissioner of Education, where she was not only a leader in the State, but quickly rose to attention nationally. Dr. Julian served on the Council for Chief State School Officers Leadership Committee and served as President of that group.

After retiring from K-12 education in 2010, Dr. Julian found she had much more to contribute and so did those around the State. As a consultant for McPherson & Jacobson, she has in several district superintendent searches since 2011. She says that some of her most rewarding times are when she is able to help in matching up a Superintendent to a school board and district. Dr. Julian feels that the fit between a Superintendent and a Board is not always easy but certainly is attainable.

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