Dr. Robert Neel


Dr. Neel Joined McPherson & Jacobson in 2013.

Dr.  Neel has served in the field of Education for 39 years, and is the Executive Director of Accreditation and Standards Emeritus for the Oklahoma State department of Education.   Dr. Neel has spent most of his career in the public schools having taught six years, and served as a principal of the elementary and secondary levels for six years.  For 23 years Dr. Neel has been a Superintendent of Schools in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado.  The schools where Dr. Neel served as Superintendent were:  Locust Grove, OK; Valley Center USD 262, KS; Guymon, OK; and Elizabeth C-1, CO for a total of 18 years.  The remainder of years has been as an Interim Superintendent of Schools with several different public schools.

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