Dr. Steve Joel


Dr. Steve Joel has been with McPherson and Jacobson since 1996 and serves as a member of the Executive Board as well as on the Board of Directors.

A native of Long Island, NY his entire career has been in education beginning as a teacher in a small rural Nebraska School District followed by 36 years as a school administrator; the last 32 serving as a superintendent.  Steve is a superintendent in Lincoln, Nebraska which has more than 41,000 students.  He has attained a number of state and national awards including the Nebraska Superintendent of the Year.

Dr. Joel is a member of AASA and has recently served as a mentor/teacher with the Urban Superintendent’s Academy and serves on the Board of the Urban Superintendent’s Association of America.  Joel is also a frequent national presenter on topics such as the superintendent search, leadership development, board and administrative goal setting and operating principles.

Dr. Joel has degrees from Doane College, The University of Nebraska and Kansas State University.

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