“Simply put-the best value I’ve received from any consulting firm in business.”

Dan Weedin, North Kitsap, WA

“I would highly recommend your firm to other school districts.”

Field Gibson, Paso Robles, CA

“The experience behind the team of consultants shined with every step of the process.  They all knew the best process for a smooth and easy transition into the next steps of the superintendent search.  I appreciate the involvement the team had and the communication, as it made my job clear and easy to follow.  It was a great experience and I would recommend them for any future leadership recruiting.”

Connie Philibert, Reynolds, OR

“What stood out most for me was the transparency aspect of the process.”

Libby Goldes, Helena, MT

“Best price, best service.”

Bobbie Singh-Allen, Elk Grove, CA

“Excellent! We couldn’t have been more happier. Our stakeholders even commented we were very fortunate to have a search firm who cared about the final outcome of the search and was looking for what was best for district and students!”

Connie McElyea, Moline, IL

“McPherson and Jacobson provided a comprehensive roadmap for our Superintendent search…I would highly recommend your firm to any school district in Arkansas about to embark upon a search for a Superintendent.”

Charles Templeton, Eureka Springs, AR

“As far as this board was concerned, the price for this service was great compared to what we would have received from the other search groups.”

Alan Cornish, Alliance, NE

“I would definitely recommend McPherson and Jacobson to any district doing a superintendent search. The process was well orchestrated from the beginning to the end.”

Barbara Miller, Galena, IL

“I would recommend this company to any district looking for a supt.”

Terry Shadwick, Augusta, AR

“We were really impressed with the interview process. This was my third time in twenty years to select a superintendent and this was the best. We had an opportunity to meet informally and formally in a quiet setting and really get to know the candidates better.”

Priscilla Cox, Elk Grove, CA

“I would gladly recommend your service to other boards looking to hire a new superintendent.”

Joel Stewart, Grants-Cibola, NM

“I think McPherson & Jacobson did an excellent job of surfacing candidates that would fit our district and the type of candidate we wanted”

Gary R. Mitchell, Solomon, KS

“High level of professionalism accompanied by a personable and transparent consultant leading a very good process to a very good outcome.”

Michael Leydon, Newcastle, CA

“Appreciated the strong education background of the team.    The McPherson & Jacobson team listened well.    Very much appreciated the strong encouragement of our Board to conduct an open search.  This was a huge value to the community. “

Jim Martin, Wake County, NC

“Very reliable and knew how to make the job easier for the board.”

Dawn Fazio, Moscow, ID

“Well worth the money spent. I don’t believe we could have done this without the help of an excellent consultant”

Anne Burkart, Port Townsend, WA

“I was very pleased with the search in every aspect.”

Peggy Buckles, Conejo Valley USD, CA

“Clear process, honest feedback, thorough background checks, careful screening and presentation.”

Pam Ellis, Billings, MT

“You were extremely professional and organized. You made suggestions in a kindly manner and were very astute in your assessments.”

Dawn Ratzburg, Moline, IL

“I liked that we as a board recognized that we are too busy to put the time into making a good selection for the future of our district and that you offer the whole package in a detailed process.”

Joe Bates, Smackover, AR

“The level of professionalism and willingness to assist clients is unmatched.”

Tamara Jones, Lakeside Union, Bakersfield, CA

“I thought the service was very professional and I was extremely impressed with the level of candidates that the firm was able to attract and recruit.”

Keith Sutton, Wake County, NC

“Very thorough. Very pleased that we chose to use this service.”

James Frenzel, Moscow, ID

“We could not have conducted a successful search in this time frame without these services, including the strong relationships and recruiting that the team provided.”

Christine Chew, Bellevue, WA

 “The consultants were extremely professional and very well organized. Both were very personable and with extensive background and expertise provided the Board of Education with invaluable assistance during the search process.”

Mike Goos, Columbus, NE 

 Your firm did an excellent job of assessing our needs, and really understanding our district. The people we worked with were professional, yet able to quickly establish a rapport with our board. You also did an exceptional job of establishing our focus groups.

Gale Delphia, East Grand, CO 

 I felt you did an outstanding job bringing quality candidates to us. I thought you were very professional and did an outstanding job helping us through the hiring. Thank you.

Diane Blakley, Rochester, MN 

“I have been through the process several times. This process was one of the best.”

Jeanette J. Amavisca, Elk Grove, CA

 Very organized and the process flowed very well. Overall the service was excellent.

Brad Sheldon, Washburn, ND 

 You’re easy going and fun to work with!

Brucie Rapoport–Radnor Township Schools, PA 

 The firm–through its very professional consultants–did an excellent job for our school district in the selection of our new superintendent.

Chuck Namit, North Thurston Schools, WA 

 Provided quality candidates. Allowed board to make decisions without pushing towards one preferred candidate.

Faith Ann Stipanovich–Mt. Lebanon Schools, PA 

 [Community input meetings] couldn’t have been ANY better! Our community praised the process from every rooftop. Stakeholder input may well have been a bridge between school board and community. Worth every dime!

Anne Luckinbill, Culpeper County Schools, VA 



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